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AC line to work as an transmitter antenna

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so hi...

ok i need to put small bug into domestic electric socket(220V) and if i put a bug into that socket,i will have no space to put any antenna,so i think maybe i can connect my antenna to..em... phase or "hot" wire through small capacitor,so that it resistance would be 50oms for about 90MHz, but i'm worry that too long AC wire would start too work like a ground... :( or that it somehow would be possibe to hear my signal woth FM radios,that are feed with same AC line...

btw i also need too put one transmitter to my car and i think maybe I could use my car antenna also for transmmiting signal,not only receiving, but if that transmitter is e.g 0,5W and working at 80MHz,the signal would be too strong for my radio and my radio even tuned for 90MHz could hear my transmitting signal... eeee??

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