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Eagle schematic and board editor problems...

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this is my 1. problem:


as seen in the picture, pin 4(ground) and pin 8(+vcc) are absent on LM358 in eagle schematic editor...

so after switching the board mode there are no connections on these pins...

how can i solve this problem?

and this is my 2. problem:


how can i change the size of board in eagle board editor?

is there anywhere in menus to write desired dimensions in cm?

sorry but this is the new problem:

i used smd pad(SMD5) in the circuit but i won't used any smds, this is only for connection to another board...

after autorouting attempt this message appeared 16 times(because there is 16 smd pads on the board)


after messages and autorouting calculation there were no connection on smd pads  :-\


how can i handle this? what is wrong?

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To change the board size, you just click on the corner of the board outline and move it to the size you want. However, if you have the free version, you will only be able to put your parts inside the size contraints allowed by the program.

The reason you do not have VCC and GND connections is because you have not selected supply pins from one of the supply libraries. You choose a symbol for VCC and one for Ground, then connect these to the appropriate pins of the components. If you ran an ERC, it should have told you it was missing these connections. Also, you can select a solder pad from the solpad library to have a pad that you can connect the power lines to.
For example: Once you connect a GND symbol to a Ground solder pad, you will see an air wire on your board layout going from the GND pin of the IC to the solder pad.


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To power LM358N (which consist of two opamps) you have to use command invoke (either on Eagle-s command line or select it from control panel). Then you click on one of the opamps of LM358N and there will be opened a little box where you select the PWR line and click OK. Now there will be your power pins. Now you have to connect these two pins with necessary GND and VDD and you'll see on board layout editor, that the LM358N is connected with the right airwires

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Q. When using the autorouter I get the error “Unreachable SMD Pads …”. What is

A. EAGLE default autorouter grid is set to .05 inches which is very large for
SMD components. EAGLE autorouter is grid based so it needs to have a grid
intersection at the connecting point of the all pads. To solve this, go to the
autorouter/General dialog box and lower the grid.
NOTE: Making the grid smaller provides the autorouter with many more options
to rout the trace, for then the rout may take more time.

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There is ofcourse a solution. Open any of the scripts you have in eagle, and you'll see some instructions there, for example open euro.scr and you'll see a line like this:

Layer Dimension;
Wire 0  (0 0) (160 100) (0 0);

this thing (160 100) is in fact dimension of the board in milimeters - EURO format 160x100mm. All you have to do is change that numbers and write your desired values, save the .scr file and in board editor go to File/script... and run that file!

That's it-the way I do it...

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