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Downloading error


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I am sorry to hear this! I don’t know how Reget Deluxe works but I can tell you there are issues when uploading too! You can always try a message to Admin, but I have stopped uploading things since I only get strange answers when I ask about it and try to figure out what’s wrong. Other members who tried confirm the facts which I have presented so I know it’s not at my end!  :(

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Hi Ante

Upload capability has do to with many things as your internet connection speed (becuase the time thershold is limited). I have tryed to make some arrangements on the server's settings, hoping to solve those problems. Please make some test uploads now.

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Uploading seems to be working better now, though it takes a great deal of patience... look at the timestamps of the three upload tests i made, the were at least 30 minutes apart.. well, i think it has something to do with the internet connection speed i am using..

my first trial was a 25MB file but i really ran out of patience  >:( and started with a smaller one, 10MB.. i didn't see any error message with the 25 but i think it might have worked if i were a lil' more patient...  ::)

can somebody please try uploading 15MB up.. am spending a lot of time here at the internet cafe.. i dont have any extra money.. i have to go now...  8) ciao!

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Hi Guys,

My maximum upload speed is 1Mb but I only reach about 30% on this server, it’s not capable of receiving any faster. So, the timeout limit is not at my end however I have not yet tested any uploads since the beginning of the week. Will let you know as soon as i have!

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