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How to use oscilloscope to analysis the audio signal

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I have no idea on the audio test by using oscilloscope.
I play a music, and i use volume control to adjust the left and right volume.
(Windows Audio/Sounds Properties)
How to use the scope to verify whether the volume that i adjust is accurate.

Anybody here, Pls help me.

Thanks a lots.

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The volume of music changes moment to moment so you can't measure or adjust it accurately. Just adjust it so it isn't too soft or isn't too loud.

An oscilloscope is used to see clipping or other distortion on sine-waves that have a constant level. It can also show if the channels are in-phase or are out-of-phase.

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An oscilloscope shows the waveform throughout a circuit and at the output of a circuit.

Phase between channels can be shown by using one channel to deflect the beam vetically and the other channel to deflect the beam horizontally. Stereo music shows a constantly moving pattern, mono shows a diagonal line and out-of-phase shows the opposite diagonal line. Without a signal then the display doesn't deflect and has a very bright dot in the center of the screen. This dot can burn the screen if left on too long.

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