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Air core inductor forms

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Hello all,

I hope you can give me advice/information an where I can get some coil forms for construction of a 1mH and .22mH air core crossover inductors.  Yeah, I could buy them a lot easier from a couple sources, but I'd like to see if I could build them for fun, first!  I had been hoping to salvage some from an old speaker, but have yet to run across any.  I used to throw these things out regularly, but have yet to see any now that I need them!!!!  Murphy's Law strikes again!!!

The forms need to have a 1.6" (1.5") and 1.16" (1.25") core diameters, and the heights need to be .4" and .3" respectively,  per an inductor program I found.  The core diameter is I bit bigger that I want, but it is due to the magnet wire diameter I am going to use (22guage).  This will put the power rating of each at about 100w RMS.

I don't have a pic of the form, but if you can picture an empty fishing line spool, this is what they look like.

I've emailed several places, including Amidon, for forms and/or information, but still have had no reply's.

I am looking for your guy's advice first before attempting another avenue.



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