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I am not using my own computer right now. After browsing the manuals for a few minutes the virtual memory ran out since 69 popup windows where opened in the background! Kaspersky antivirus warned about Trojans (cursor type) and I tried to shut down the widows in group but it took several minutes to get it done!

But thank you for cleaning it up!

I am now back with my own computer!

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Hi AG,

I did not notice any problems today using my own computer which is protected by Norton! There isn’t any receivers here as far as I could see at the first look, some TV’s Monitors, VCR’s Projectors, Dumbs!….. I suppose it means “dumps” some Printers, Copiers, Faxes and GSM phones!

If you got Norton, I would say its safe now!

Have a safe look here:


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