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wild life watching -wireless night vision quetions

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Hey fellers-fellets Im new to the board with a couple questions.

My kids and I enjoy watching wild life-bird watching and my middle child has expressed a recent interest in photography night filming.

We have a skunk that lives under out toolshed and uses the sane path every evening when he goes out foraging. we thought it would be a very good Idea to set up an inexpensive wireless setup to capture his activity's.http://www.dynaspy.com/product_info.php?products_id=55 but I dont wnat to have to record hours of empty video and was wondering if there is an infa red switch/motion sensor I could rig up to turn the cam on and off. Also Im not sure if this product comes with a battery.

I and my kids thank you in advance for any helpful replies.

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You could set up a motion detector to toggle rec on your VCR or power or some other control method. If you have the ability to record on your computer there are programs out there that will let you setup an "Active" area and when it detects a certain amount of change from one video frame to the next it will start recording video to your hard drive. Try google for software.

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