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Wearable electronics

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I make nick-nacks from recycled electronics. All of the proto types were gifts for my girl friend... She loved them, so I decided to make a web site and try to sell some of them...
Here are a few examples of what I make:
Ear rings:

Check out my website if you are interested please!

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I plann on moving them downstairs into my workshop (which is a complete disaster right now) after I finish building some shelves.
I asked for a cople old hdd's and my friend brought me 6 old premio's that he bought at an auction (20 for $5). Kind of surprised me, when I went out to my car and he was sitting there waiting with 6 big paper weights... :D

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Well I spent half the day/night cleaning and building a mini work bench and the other half making a pendant.

You asked for picuters of my workshop Ante, and here they are (the 2 walls that are clean...) The back wall is still very messy, no pistures of that yet, but it is comming.


Our basement used to be one large unfinished room untill I took part of it and build 2 rooms, one side for storage the other side for my workshop. That was a few years ago back when I was 14, just starting high school.
Anyway, here is that pendant I was talking about:

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