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heat sink for transfomer

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Yes you can keep the transformer cooler if you bolt it to a metal chassis and put some heatsink compound in between. If it’s a toroide transformer you do it the opposite way, space it from the chassis and install a fan to keep it cool. Before you do any of the above, make sure you are not overloading your transformers ratings.

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A very poor quality (cheap) transformer heats too much:
1) If it doesn't have enough turns in its windings then it heats even without a load.
2) If the wire in its windings is too thin then it has too high a resistance which causes heat with a load. Then the voltage will be much higher without a load.

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i think this is the problem
so how to check the transfomer quality
in my city the quality is poor most of the times
is there any method to check transformer quality

I  tested my ckt without load and even without regulator ckt only transformer was kept on and i observed that 70-80% percentange of heating was due to transformer itself.

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