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silver soldering w/o turning silver oxide


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Hey all you Electronic Solderers,
I realize that most folks that are soldering electronics don't concern themselves with the asthetics of their soldering, but rather the quality of the connection and not over-heating the electronic component etc. but I have a soldering project with Women's Jewelry in which I need to keep the Sterling Silver wires nice and bright.
I can make fairly high quality and nice looking solder joints but after a few hours/days the sterling silver turns grey (silver oxide I suppose) and I think this is due to my first treating the silver with flux paste (this is how my dad taught me to solder wires in electrical machines etc).    I believe that the flux strips  or cleans the silver and makes it want to turn oxide afterwards.
I have been told that there are "pickling or pickle fluids"  that will stop this turning of the silver.  Does anyone in the community know enough about chemistry or silver-soldering to help me.  Thanks.
jab in South Carolina

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