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EPSON EPM-4207 motor wiring connections

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i need the wiring code for an EPSON EPM-4207 stepper motor. it is a 6 wire bipolar motor with 1.8 degree step. i found using goggle that it is epson stepper motor used in a its printers. it has 6 wires in 2 groups. one group has a brown,red and white wire, and the other has a brown,orange and blue wire. can any one tell me the coils corresonding to this code. i got this motor as an off the shelf item. its brnad new but just the connections are not known. i'll be using a L297 and a L298N to drive it. i was not able to find a 4 wire bipolar motor. the common wires in the epson motor are not interconnected so i think i can use it as a unipolar motor also. any body having some application notes on the L297 and L298N?
thanx in advance ;)

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Stepper motors

Maping Stepper Motors


Mapping the coils to your motor
Given a motor you have just scavanged, how do you determine which wire corresponds to which coil? Simple: use a meter to measure the resistance between pairs of wires. Each coil will exhibit a low resistance of a few hundred ohms. Choose a pair of wires and measure the resistance. Then choose another pair and again measure the resistance. If the resistance across the first pair is double that of the second pair, then the first pair corresponds to the wire pair (1,3) or (4,6). The second pair of wires will correspond to one of (1,2), (2,4), (4,5) or (5,6). Repeat this until you have mapped each wire on your motor to one of the coils.



Unipolar stepper motors are recognized by their center-tapped windings.
The number of phases is twice the number of coils, since each coil is divided in two.
So the diagram below (Figure 3.1), which has two center-tapped coils,
represents the connection of a 4-phase unipolar stepper motor.

Figure 3.1 - Unipolar stepper motor coil setup (left) and 1-phase drive pattern (right).

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i was able to find the two coils but i still can't make out which is A and A' and which is B and B'. i still need the colour code. i found that this motor is used in an epson EX1000 printer. maybe someone has its datasheet or the printer servcice manual ca help me out. the numbers at the back of the motor are EM-22, EPM-4207, 5X-30.
does this help u identify it ???

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thanks for your help hotwaterwizard, but these colours just don't seem to tally with my bipolar motor. my motor has 6 wires in 2 groups. one group has a brown,red and awhite wire, and the other has a brown,orange and a Blue wire. any guesses for this? the numbers at the back of the motor are EM-22 EPM-4207 5X-30. ???

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