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email notification reply to topic problem


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:)i receaved an email  notification  of reply to topic , with audio gurus name in it but clicking on the link to view it ,took me to a spot that siad it canot find the page , so i went into the topic from another way  only to find that there is no reply to topic by audio guru  and trying to leave him a personal member was only met with  something saying it canot find audio guru . its like his  details to leave him a personale message has been wiped  so you cant leave a message to anyone by the looks of it and you receave email replies to topics by people who dident reply to topics , mixos i hope yous can fix these technicle problems . sounds like the hackers are at it again ,

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Steven, maybe the topic was moved/removed from original location for a reason in the meanwhile (until you read the email) and for that's why you couldn't find it. Also, please give a try again to contact audioguru and report back. I didn't undertand what was the problem contacting audioguru.

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