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What is the most common IC that People use???

Brendan w.

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mostly black ones with lots of pins.  ;D

Seriously, what are you really looking for?  I doubt that there is a "Most Commonly used chip" 

Schools are real heavy users of the 741 & 555 chips and the 3904 & 3906 BiPolars.
Also the 1N4001 diode and the 7805 & 7812 regulators.  Most textbooks cover those parts as the 'standards'.

Just about every design I do requires a specialized chip, like an Opamp with a High Slew rate or a Dual timer (556) that runs at 3.3v.  The 'Standards' may be good to test an Idea out but when it comes to actual building, I don't see a 'favorite' chip.  In fact if I caught myself leaning on one chip too much I'd try to avoid using it for fear I was limiting my range.

If I had to guess, I'd say the 74LS01/74HS01 is the most COMMONLY used chip in all digital systems.  It is most definately the most used Gate in the world.


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You and I can form a club.  I feel the same way quite often.

Actually I'll bet most of us* feel that way a lot.  I work mostly with
Communications and motor controls.  I use mostly Z80,Amtel, and PIC chips
in my digital work but I have used "Basic Stamps" when I was in a rush and they could handle the work load.

My AC work focuses mostly on MOSFETs and Triacs depending on AC or DC.

For small signal adjustment (Like boosting a small signal or trying to filter out a 60hz Hum) I use Op-Amps with active filters made of resistors and caps.

I do use the 'Standards' when designing but I often find them lacking, but Like I said, they are common, cheap, and usually you have a few laying around.

If I were to select a GRAB BAG of parts to take with me to a competition where I would be asked to build 'something' but not told what I would most likely take the following items:

7400 - Not gate
7401 - NAND Gate
74LS24x Series of latches
LM741 Op amp
LM555 timer
LM556 Dual Timer
Basic Stamp (Due to it's timple interface for programming)
7805 Regulator
7812 Regulator
7905 regulator
7912 regulator
1:1 audio Transformer
5:1 Power transfomer (1a @ 24Vac)
A handful of 1n4001 diodes
a few 5V Ziners
a few 7v siners
a few red/Green/yellow LEDS
    180, 470, 1K, 10K, 47K, 100K, 1M, 10M
      .001mfd,  .01mfd,  .22mfd,  1.0mfd,  10mfd,  100mfd,    1000mfd

And Mi might throw a 100mh coil in the kit just for good measure.


* US - Masters Of the Electronics Arts.  Often beat themselves up over little things but they also get to feel the rush and excitement of acomplishment more often that normal folks!

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