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Frequency Generator - 2 Fixed O/P

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Need advices from experts or guru here...want to build a simple frequency generator that can provide 1Khz and 10Khz outputs. Need circuit diagram and components data. Better if some great expert or guru can direct me to where I can buy a project kit to build it.

Thank you

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The IC XR2206 By Exar is a very neat IC and can produce generate sine , square , sawtooth , pulse and triangle waves , up to 1Mhz And above . It can also Modulate FM and AM signals. you can use it's datasheet , to find the circuit diagrams . it's fairly simple to tackle with the frequency and the values. read the datasheet and you will find it. well luckily i have made a op amp version of the function generator using 741 op amp . it's maximum frequency was 0 to 1Khz i guess. i have its PCB layout and schematic , if you want it , and i have the XR2206 IC PCB layout also. The schematic for the op amp function generator is given.



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This is the complete schematic for a function generator using 741 opamp .

VALUE        SHAPE        #    REFDES     

1.00kOhm_1%  RES12        1    R4         
4.02kOhm_1%  R0204R7_5    1    R5         
4.99kOhm_1%  R0204R7_5    1    R1         
20K_LIN      TRIPOT10X5V  2    R2,R6       
24.9kOhm_1%  R0204R7_5    1    R7         
33nF        KERKO6X5R5  1    C2         
68nF        KERKO6X5R5  1    C1         
402Ohm_1%    R0204R7_5    1    R3         
Op-Amp_741  DIP8        3    U1,U2,U3   

The PCB is messed up , so just follow the schematic


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This little circuit will produce sine waves with less than 1% distortion over a wide range. Between 20-20Khz distortion is less than 0.8%

Needs 8-10Vp-p triangle wave input and will produce a 2Vp-p sine output. Simulation results shown at 1KHz. R5 and R3 must be set for lowest distortion. After setting it will be good for the whole range provided input amplitude remains constant.

Circuit will not work well with all types of jfet's. Works well also with BF256B or jfet with similar Idss

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