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Crimping ribbon cable to IDC

Guest Zeppelin

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Hello Zeppelin

    I use them all the time and they do make a crimpping tool for them. But I just squeeze em togeather with plyers and a some small wood blocks, it works. I guess if i did a lot of em I would buy a crimpping tool.
                              have fun gogo

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Hello Zeppelin
    Yes. The crimp tools is like a press, all it dose is press the two hafes togeather. I can do that with plyers or a small vise. Like I said if I were to do a lot of them I might invest in a crimp tool, it just makes it faster.

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Hi Zeppelin, gogo,

Yes I use my bench vice too! I have made many IDE and SCSI cables and others too, no problemo! Put some pieces of plywood or similar in between as support and DON’T put too much pressure on them just to make them snap in place! ;)

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