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Capacitors have a variety of functions.

If you have an alternating voltage source (AC) and stick it in a circuit with the capacitor, the capacitor acts as a short-circuit.
If you have a DC voltage source and stick it in a circuit with a capacitor, the capacitor effectively acts as a open-circuit.

The interesting application in using capacitors is that if you connect a DC source to a capacitor then to ground, you can short-circuit all the unwanted AC elements without shorting the DC source.

The converse of the capacitor is the inductor which acts exactly the opposite...
The inductor acts as a short-circuit in a DC application, and as an open-circuit in the AC application.

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The topic Capacitors is very broad.

They are most often used
with resistors to make RC circuits
with inductors to create an oscillator
with transistors for bias, gain
alone can be used to filter out DC, and lots and lots more.

There r also many many types of capacitors from ceramic to film, tiny pF ones to huge refrigerator sized capacitors of thousands, millions of F

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