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6 speakers on 4-channels stereo!!


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Hi Mukhalled,
Most car stereos produce 50 Whats for a moment for each of their four channels for a total of 200 Whats. The outputs at such a high level will have very high distortion and since it isn't continuous, I call it Whats.
They produce only about 14 Watts continuously for each of their four channels at clipping into a 4 ohm load. At clipping the power is high but the distortion is low.

You don't show how the speakers are wired. In diagram B you don't show if the speakers are in series or are in parallel.

If you connect two 8 ohm speakers in parallel then the total is 4 ohms and will work fine. Two 8 ohm speakers in parallel will share the 14 Watts and produce 7 Watts each.

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