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Choosing the right equipment wire?

Guest Zeppelin

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Guest Zeppelin

How do we determine the right gauge for equipment (interconnect) wires?
Do we need to derate here too?

I have a PSU with 3A continuous & 5A maximum current rating. I was actually planning to use a 10A wire (to be on the safe side) but it proved to be too bulky for the job :( possible overkill  ;D

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Hi Zeppelin,
Over-rating the size of wires for equipment interconnect is not overkill when it provides a nice low voltage loss.
You don't want to set the regulated supply to 5V and have fluctuating 2V to 5V at the equipment, do you? Good regulated supplies for external equipment use "remote voltage sense" wires in addition to the main wires to the equipment. Then the voltage regulation occurs at the equipment where the wires join.

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The "ampacity" of wire is based on temperature rise. Different types of insulation on the same wire AWG will have different ampacities. It really comes down to how much drop can you tolerate. If you need to be "legal" in the regulatory agencies eyes, there are "tables" that specify allowed levels.

As a point of reference, the "fusing current" of 30AWG (bare, solid wire) is 10A.

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  Thats a great question,  Where can one find a table of the FUSING currents of common wire sizes.

I have always got a big kick out of running 6ga wire to a circuit, only to see the interconnect wires inside the unit shrink down to 16 or 18ga.  I like to keep handy tables around, and I have never seen that one anywhere.


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