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How Many Moderators are we?


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audioguru WAS a moderator and was doing a poor job of it.
Also, it is not good to have a moderator who continues to put down the site he is moderating and complains about projects not working correctly which he has never built but others have built and report that they work fine.
(don't get me started on this subject)


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Hi MP,

I know you and Audioguru do not get along frictionless at all times and I don’t want to choose sides here. I do not agree with AG at all times but still I have to admit that he knows a few things and he helps many with their problems and ideas. You too have to give him some credit for this even though he’s not the easiest person to communicate with. I do also think that some of the projects here are very poor and needs improvement to work well. This said, I don’t mean AG is a candidate for moderating!
(I hope I didn’t got you started on this)

Do we have some possible candidates for moderating some of the forums you think?

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Iagree some of the projects needs repair, but they only need repair, not redesign. These projects were posted because they worked and someone wanted to share. They are not some idiot's bad joke. Unfortunately, mistakes happen when inexperienced people document their projects. Actually, it happens to experienced people, too.

One example is the inverter project which only needed a couple of lines redrawn on the schematic and the decimal places changed on the cap and resistor for the 4047. I have redrawn this one, but since it has turned into a heated up mess, I have decided to not post until it has the advantage of bench testing.

Back to the topic: I would also like to see more moderators for unmoderated areas. If you have candidates, I think you can just email mixos.


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Welcome our new moderator Zeppelin. After his request i decided to make him moderator on three unmoderated sections. Please welcome him on our team. I believe that he will do good jod on those sections. He will moderate:

Theory articles
Spice Simulation - PCB design
High Voltage Stuff

As for Cuckoo, he is a personal friend of me, interested on microelectronics, but his time is limited to moderate the Microelectronics section, so I decided to remove him from being a moderator. As we speak there is no moderator found on that section.

Until now we are 5 moderators and one admin (me)


The help of all moderators is really appreciated and I am really happy for our team! Also I would like to thank hotwaterwizard for the great idea to make a new board only for moderators, as we can talk here about everything needed to make out Forum even better.


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