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Valves and PC's

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Well i'll soon be imbarking on my biggest pc challange to date.
A pc that will have vale amp for the audio output.

A little information.
A while ago i saw this which inspired the design
I had an idea on using 2 to give the 4 front speakers a classic sound and the pc a old fasion look but i had a thought.
Is there a good circuit for valve amps thats easy/cheep/realible to build?
i would also like to be able to switch in/out the valves for the audio but whats the best method for switching.
If this all sounds wierd im sorry because i know absolutly nothing about valve amps.

P.S. Will they cause interference that will harm the rest of the pc?

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IM trying to work out how to get sponser ship because of the amount of cm stuff im using.
Just to intrigue readers this is how it goes.

creative X-FI > 2X above units monitoring single channels + another unit monitoring the vu of the other channels (bass channel still to be worked out.)
I hope to make a sweet (frankinstien era) sounding pc case.

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