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Hi.. just for the hell of it, im building a small robot with an arm which will be placed on my office desk to allow me to do various tasks while im not there. Its mostly for fun, but since im often connected to my PC from home instead of going to the office, it would come in handy for things like changing the CD. The robot itself isn't a problem, but the thing is that i would preferr if there were no wires between the PC and the bot, so what i could use some suggestions on is how it should communicate with the PC? A parralell port would be fine, since I only need to control 8 bits, however.. no wires, please  ;)
Do you have suggestions on some sort of wireless communication that is both easy and cheap to implement on both the PC and the bot? Only one-way communication is needed. The transmitting range im talking about is 2 metres at max, and the bot is running on 9V..

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