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trasformerless powersupply

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i like to try this project that i think about if its possible...
transformerless powersupply ..
-input 220volt
-using any prefered IC
-1.5 min output voltage
-60 max output voltage
-adjustable ampere..
or what modification can you do just to have a transformerless n high output voltage.. thank..

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Lets see,

There probaly won't be any that would have all the features that u listed. Just search " Transformerless Power Supply " on google and it would have many good projects.  I also don't know of any that uses ICs. The first is probaly the best. here's the lick :http://www.aaroncake.net/circuits/supply5.htm

BTW, How come u don't want to use a transformer? power converting is the main use of a transformer. If no one uses a transformer for power supply, then what's the point of having it?

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Here's another one:

The max is still 12DC/ 15mA
but, it also gives formulas to change the voltage or current by using different component values.

The maximum DC current which can be supplied by this circuit depends on the value of capacitor C1:

                    Imax,out = pi× C × f × Vmains [A]

The RMS mains current is mainly capacitive and almost independent from the DC load of the power supply:

                    Imains = 2 × pi× C × f × Vmains [A]

The power consumption is set by the mains current and the zener diode voltage of D1
Note: Without load, almost all power will be absorbed by zener diode D1!

                    P =
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