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What are discaps?

Guest nanop

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They are adjustable Caps.

They have a very limited adjustment range.  When used in a tuned
circuit (radios)  They can sligtly alter the frequceny of a tank.

Sometimes used in production to adjust for cheap parts by tuning
systems up before they leave the factory.

Other times they can be use as part of a tuning mech such as a dial
on a radio (But that isn't actually the same thing; just a close relitive.)


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About the discaps, I'm mostly confused about the shape of it, and why it has a turnable thing in the mid.
You're saying that it they are used for tunning, so their values change?

When I looked at the manual, it had fixed values for the discaps even though a screwdriver could easily turn the thing in the middle. The manual can be downloaded also from that site in message 1.

Here's a pic that might help:


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I was unclear, My bad.

They are not designed for wide ranges (10uf -100uf) like variable resistors.
A closer analogy is a guitar string.  They are designed to make a particular note,
however it is up to the installer to tune it once it has been installed.

Caps that little (pF range) can be severely altered by the width of a trace or the
Length of a resistor.  If you NEED a very exact value, sometimes you need to install
A part with a little ‘wiggle’ room in the value.  The range is not very big. They are listed
By the TARGET value.  With some flex on either side.


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