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cdi unit

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This is another of my "what kind of question is that?" question. Does anyone know how to make a cdi that has fixed timming for a 49cc 4 cycle scooter. This is to help prevent the bike from going over 30.The only ones I find have the ability to advance the timming. How do I know they are such? Just my feeling. Although I found a spare one. The connector, and unit look strange. There are five pins on it, and the unit is a rectangle shape. Instead of six on the current one. Further I have a hayes manual for scooters. Problem is the bike is not listed. For it is a jialing. Getting help from the company is useless. This may be more of a question for a scooter site.

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Guest 2old4digital

Have you tryed any motorcycle site's ? They prob will beable to help you with your project, with other site's that carry what you want and/or help you with technical help more specalized in this area.

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