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efficient 12v to 5v regulator chip.


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hello all,
i need 5v supply from my vehicle 12v battery.i know i can use 7805 but the problem is my circuit drives 20 LEDs continuously which roughly needs more than 400ma of current(over all).and the area is so conjusted i can't mount a big heat sink.
so can i use dc-dc converter for this purpose.
which chip is best for automotive project (if it is from MAXIM i can order a sample  ::) )

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Or, you could get a tiny switcher from this site's advertisers here:


80% efficient, 1A output, and a tiny drop in replacement for the 7805! I haven't tried any, but they sure look good to me.

If they really are over 80% efficient, these units would only dissipate half a Watt when supplying 400mA at 5V.

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Here is another possible solution:


High current, high efficiency, no heatsink, low part count, free samples and no fuzz! ;)

yes i saw those.but no samples for these chips  :(
any other maxim chips.
thanks i'll try these too
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If I got it right here you need less than 500mA and this should be fine with almost no heatsink at all. If you fit it in a metal box just bolt it to the box and you’ll be fine. The tab of the MXL1074CT-SL is common ground so you don’t need any insulation for it if you don’t want to. (I presume your bike has negative ground connected to the frame)!?

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