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Please excuse my ignorance in advance.
I have been playing with the bs2 homework board from parallax and have made some neat things for my personal use, but I wouold like to get away from having to pay $49 bucks for a new stamp when I want to build things. I am looking at getting a pic programmer but to be honest I have no idea how to use the chip even if I programmed one. I have only used the bs2 that came on the board and do not know how to do anything other than what that one is setup to do. Can someone direct me to where I can learn about building a circuit without using their stamps? Again I apologize for my ignorance. Thank you.

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Hello vanderjr

    You started out in a new world of useing microcontrollers and you are right, there is a less expenisve way to learn.  Microchip sells a small kit called pic kit 1 for I think 38.00 dallors shipping included. And. Microchip gives you free software to go with It,
    There are a lot of other old teck stuff out there and the bucks keep rolling, A 16F684-14 pin chip is the best way to go at it now days. I think the Pic Kit is shiped with that chip now plus the 16f675 chip.
    Something for anybody to check out if your into Pic's.
                  have fun

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