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Help!!! I feel like I don't know what I'm doing


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Hi Zeppelin! (interesting name)
I recognize some of the titles... I think that my father carried one of those books around when he was dabbling in electronics.
(He was also a piano tuner... a really A W E some piano tuner.. I miss him much)
Anyway, I was wondering if you knew where I could find this book for the most inexpensive price. 

Thanks again!  :):):):):):):)javascript:replaceText('%208)',%20document.postmodify.message);

Hi NiceGuy
Have a look at our resources section:
Engineer's mini-notebook
Formulas, tables & basic circuits
by Forrest Mims

This is a good start
Good luck with the job

;) 8)
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The most inexpensive way is to just download the ebook from ELAB ;D
You will find the books by Forrest Mims here, and a lot of other ones.

There are lots and lots of books about electronics......... From very short ones (about 200 pages, to some books that has over 10,000 !! pages.
I think that book by forrest mims is OK, there are many books to get get u started. Just about any will teach u about electronics. Some just has more/less math, more/less doing, more/less info, etc. Depends on how and what u want to learn.  ;)

If u want a book copy, Amazon, or Ebay are good places to buy many things including those!  ;)

Good Luck Learning  ;D ;D ;D
Also, look in the books section of E-lab on the bottom left section of the homepage. It shows you many electronics books, most in General are great ones for NewBies[/glow]

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