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RC-(remote controlled) Car

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Hello again , i have a question how can i implement a crystal oscillator i found on the net in my modulator and replace the LC circuit  . the desciption and circuits of fundamental crystal oscillators and overtone crystals are given here http://hem.passagen.se/communication/txo.html

One more thing how can i use it as a refrence oscillator

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Hi Faizan,
If you use a crystal oscillator then you won't be able to frequency modulate it.
You can't get crystals with a high enough frequency anyway.

Old FM transmitters used an 11MHz crystal oscillator that was frequency modulated a little then it was followed by many frequency multiplying stages to reach 99MHz with a wide frequency deviation.
Modern FM transmitters use a low frequency crystal oscillator in a phase-locked-loop frequency synthesizer circuit then the phase-locked-loop's oscillator is frequency modulated.

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yeah i get it , this means the TX-500 will be rock solid transmitter if it is PLL Controlled . and one more thing the IC i have for the radio is a KA22425 and also it's equivalent CXA1618M , well the PDf is attached .  i know it is not PLL Controlled but why it is stable . i also used it to check my walkie talkie and what do you know , it is quite stable also , it was also quite stable with my FM transmitters , i previously build . it also has a LED indicator to indicate if the channel is selected



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hello again , after a long time i am back , and this time i have found two new crystal controlled IC's that suffice my needs , MC2833 FM Transmitter and MC13136/35 and MC3362 FM Reciever IC's . These IC's are crystal controlled and i think they will be fine for my Radio controlled Car. But Will it Work good for DTMF . It think it might. Although motorola does not manufacture these IC's , but these IC's Are available here in Pakistan at a very Cheap Price of Less than a Dollar . The Main Pain in the Butt is finding the crystals and the Inductors Just right and since the Transmitter is low power i have to build a Power Amplifier of 1W/0.5W for it. The Schematics and pinouts are attached.




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