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A Sticky Topic About "Getting started in electronics"?

Guest nanop

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From what I have in the forum, there are many topics asking for how to get started, what to buy, and especially What Books to get?, Which one's the best?

Should we have a sticky topic that explains how to get started in electronics. recommended books, instruments, etc?

It would be helpful for hobbyists, starters/beginners, or people who would want to know what books and which ones are the best? since there are hundred of different books that u can use. ;D

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Just my 2 cents on the subject.

Since a lot of this is based on field of study and individual taste, there would be so many posts that it would at some point not be very helpful. ...and of course, then you would have those members who want to argue about what is best, and that someone else's suggestion is not good, or that someone is wrong......etc.

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here are my thoughts,

if your serious you need to get these things preferably in the order here:

a old mr wizard book
some bar magnets and a horse shoe with the fields marked with paint
a flashlight bulb
some wire
a dc moter
a few switches
a crystal radio kit
the book "getting started with electronics" by forrest mimms
a 100 in one kit
a analog volt ohm meter
the complete set of "mini engineers notebooks" by forrest mimms
a 30 watt soldering iron
a spool of 60/40 rosin core solder
a diy pcb kit (radio shack)

ok here are the first things you should build, most are in the books:

a regulated variable power supply using a lm317
an adjustable speed flashing led using a 555
a powered mic using the power supply you made with a op-amp and a 386 power amp
turn a fan on with a thermisistor circuit
an active low and high pass filter using a dual op-amp as a pre speaker crossover
a light sensor using a photo-transistor
add a pass transisitor to your power supply to increase current
use a photo-resistor to turn on a transisitor
make a phone tap using caps and a coupling transformer

after that get a "basic electronics course" book
you can find your way after that :)

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