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Where's the internal speaker of a computer located?

Guest Tkjas

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I want to know Where's the internal speaker of a computer located?
Most times when I use QBASIC to write a sound code, the sound always come out of the internal speaker of desktop computer.
Is there also a way to let sound come out from the external speakers?


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It's inside.
Open up the box, you will see it.

From Q-basic, I don't think so.  The external speakers are usually run off a sound card, the internal speaker was rarely connected to an external jack.  You can do that if you wish, just don't use amplified speakers unless you knock the voltage on the output down some (See Voltage Divider Resistors for more info)
Also, don't connect a speaker larger than the one in the box as you can blow the little amp that drives it and that could be bad also.


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it's just a speaker.  Usually 8 Ohms and less than a watt.
here is a typical one :  http://www.mycableshop.com/sku/PCCASESPEAKER.htm

If you want to mount it outside just extend the red and black wires outside the case.  But speakers sound louder if they are mounted in a box so you might want to put the speaker in a box.

For all that trouble why not look into a nice cheap sound card? Much better sound quality and much easier to connect to external speakers.

Here is a link that shows how to use a real sound card with QBasic.


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