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Creating/making Music ICs

Guest Tkjas

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I mean like any music IC, I thought that u can use a ucontroller as a music IC
I don't have any idea about Music ICs except that they are used in birthday cards, toys, and some door bill. They store music.
Could anyone help me get started?  :)


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Hi Audioguru,
I'm not talking about reprogramming them.
I just want to know how do the companies make the music ICs. Do they program the ICs, or.......?
I also heard that u can program a melody into a IC?
How can I get started?


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Look for ISD25XX Series. i.e. ISD2560 with 60second storage or ISD25120 with 120s.

They have all things you need. i.e. Amplifer, Address Pins, ... You just connect a Mic.
BTW, as I understood, the storage for all Ics are the same, the difference between 120s with 60s is in ADC Sample rate. In fact the quality of ISD120 is lower than ISD60.

HTH - Shahriar

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Record sounds, mic?

In birthday cards, and others, the sounds are pure, solid tones, and the quality's not bad.  ???

I usually see those chips with the black case melted over them in birthday cards.

Also, I think that I might have confused everyone when I wrote IC. I really meant like chips. They could be ICs,microcontrollers,etc

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you don't need this program. I have a better advice for you. Contact them http://www.majormixing.com/. They will do everything for you. They have professional audio studio and qualified workers. So you won't have to make music yourself because it is much easier and better if they do it.  Also if you visit their website you can read reviews about them. You are wellcome

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