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Thanks for the links Chris 50
  I never used a oscilloscope, so I do not know what would be a good one to start out with.
        I found this one,
        Not sure if its a good choice. I am just a hobbist and don't really need one but still it be nice to have one. Thanks for any input.
                              have fun gogo

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That 'scope kit is the cheapest that I have seen for more than 40 years.
It has only a single channel. Most 'scopes have two so you can compare signals, pulses and their timing.
It has a pretty small screen but is OK for a hobbiest.
It has a low bandwidth but is OK for a hobbiest.
It is about the same as the kit 'scope that I have used for 40 years. It is a lot better than nothing. ;D

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Hi,  gogo
Thanks for reply. I'am also new to the hobby of electronics, i have a cheap scope about 5Mhz in spec, its ok for me being a newbie and all that, i shall be trying to build my test gear, i think this is a good way to learn, my soldering is ok i use a antex iron small wattage with a 0.5mm tip, works fine for me, i have under construction a fcl_x meter which will test caps-freq counter-xtals i have etched the pcb all went well, and iam busy mounting all components to the board no problems so far_ web address is, http://www.hamradioindia.org/circuits/fcl.php
take a look they have given the meter good remarks
AS for software PCB WIZARD was my first program - have moved to EAGLE and finding my way round this along with Eagle 3D from this site wow !!.

Keep in touch
Regards, chris 50.

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Hello Chris 50

  Nice link thanks.
    I too use eagle and pcb wiz, I like both sometimes when I have something simple I use pcb wiz. For the hard ones I use egale, it has more componeits and has more options.
    I down loaded that project and will attach the files to this post.
                                Like I said thanks
                                    have fun



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