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Exaust Fans for Entertainment Center

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Hello all,
If given the proper instructions, I know I can do this. So hopefully somewhere there is someone who can design it for me and help me, please do so. Alrighty, I just bought msyelf a really nice solid wood TV stand which has places underneath for my Xbox 360, Pioneer Reciever, DVR box, DVD player, and DVD Recorder. The back is solid wood and the front doors are glass, I am already concerned about ventilation and my components overheating. So I figure I should install about four 119mm vent fans on the back on the stand. I want to wire these fans so that I can control them myself to rev them up and down as necessary, plus power them up and off when I need using the combo speed on/off knob. I know what I want, I know I can build it, but desiging it is another issue. I'm not too keen on where to get parts, voltages and all the other stuff. Here is a sketch of my design idea, keep in mind it's not to scale, the control box should only be about 4-5 inches in width. I plan on using 119mm computer fans, the rest I need some guidance on. I hope someone helps me on this. Thanks all.


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