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I think I cooked my A/V Transmitter


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Well I broke something!

A 2.4 GHz A\V Transmitter (underside photo attached)

I inadvertently plugged a power supply that had its polarity reversed compared to what this device was expecting.

POOOOF, small stream of smoke and then nothing.

I think I cooked a circuit.  I have labelled as best I can the picture with the items that go to an extreme temperature when the power is applied. (9V DC 300ma)

Is anyone able to assist me in diagnosing what I have cooked? How to repair?

All flaming that I am an idiot for doing this is also expected, but this is how you learn not to do these things.

Thanks for anything constructive.



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"Yeah, that was pretty stupid!  ;D"

I once broke my MP3 player by inputting voltage through headphone output. It's now still broken and lying around. If it's just some transistors, resistors, or capacitors, just use a multimeter to test the resistances, capacitances, voltage drops, etc. Then just replace the faulty part. If it's an IC, then replace it or look at a datasheet.

hope it's not too expensive  ;D

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Unfortunately I dont have a schematic as these where purchased RETAIL fully constructed.

They are BADA 1W 2.4GHz A\V Transmitter receiver.

I have searched everywhere for even a vague reference to them on the internet but alass I couldn't find them.

I purchased them off EBAY.

The only markings on them are 223, BAHH (five pin thin in the middle) then 473. next along is the B1206 which heats up significantly.

223 measures 8 - 9v
473 measures 0.1 - 0.2v

Not sure if this helps.

I'm throwing a bit more wood on the fire to keep the flames high!  ;D

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223 and 473 appear to be smd resistors as per the photo
reg the ic marked BBHH let me try

as the item is purcheased at Ebay  the concerned add may indicate the manufacturer and perhaps a mail req the manufacturer may help for the service data with schematic and artwork

or even the ebay may replace the item


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