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There are two things i need some help with, and they both involve PCB

1. I am fixing an external souncard, where the USB-connector (female) has been torn off. The thing is that I wouldn't know how to go about replacing it. I've removed the old one, however, the place on the PCB where it used to be is so small that i dont know how to do this with the tool i have availible. The thing is that there are 4 wires that needs to connect to each separate points on an area of less than 1 square cm. Which tools should i use for this? Any tips/tricks i should know about?

2. For a different project i am currently working on, i need to build atleast two PCBs, since size and wight is critical. Anyhoo... i dont have a clue of how to do it; I've made the layout and such, so what im askin is: Where do i go from here, to turn the design into an actually (working) PCB?
What do i need?
What are the things that needs to be done?
Does anyone know of a good guide out there?


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