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Lupin Forius

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    I was thinking about a kit that could mesure smd caps with a dig readout, or even a reader that could give you the value of a resistor just buy scaning it. Hey I am full of kits. How about a automatic inventory counter. mmm an automatic nightlight that can tell when you fell  a sleep then turned off, just an idea. I don't know what did you have in mind

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Stupidly on my part, I forgot to mention that by "kit" I mean "build-your-own [insert whatever the final device is]"

Cheaper kits  :)

What do you take me for, a bloodsucking corporation?? LOL
Cheaper goes w/o saying. Sure, I'll eventually try to make a profit selling kits. But I'm a hobbyist selling to hobbyists. This's just another aspect of the hobby...

many kits I see r too expensive with just a few parts (resistors and capacitors basically costs nothing) and a PCB board

Well, the prices I'll set will be about equal to the cost of the parts + what I'm selling my designs for (don't worry, I'm modest :P ). I'll only make a profit off it, 'cos I'll be buying the parts in bulk, and reselling them individually.

Hey, I'm honest, right? I'm one of you guys... :P
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audioguru is right in saying not make CHEAP kits. in general many kits are costly perhaps due to limited volumes sold, as compared to finished products.

members prestigeous fourms like e-lab.com shold comeforward to be able design and realise instead of ckd or skd assembly.

Here also, as Audioguru once put it -- we will be able to assemble but not give a finishing to it with a proper cabinet or a housing.

If these are done for the sake of experience(hands on ) then the extra cost is worth it as person gains practical knowledge which will be a factor to deside his/her future.

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