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value and tolerance of a resister


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To me the 2k2 part looks like it should be 2200 ohms, (2.2 kilo-ohms) and the final m could suggest 20% . There evidently is a British standard that specifies this, as opposed to the usual color coding. I found something about that here:


This way of specifying resistor values with an R, k or M in place of the decimal point is rather common in European magazines. 2k2 4M7 3R9 etc. would be 2.2kohm, 4.7Mohm and 3.9 ohm (they use R for the units of resistance). A similar usage is also seen with capacitors, batteries and zener diodes, where there are letters p, n, mu (or u) or V used for pico-farads, nano-farads and micro-farads and volts. 4n7 and 5V6 would be 4.7 nF or 5.6 V for example.


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