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hello to all,
who can help me with this :
I've got an electronic transformer for halogen lamps, driving a 12 volt/50 watt bulb.
now i need to be able to switch my lamp between full and half light intensity.
for some reasons, i can not use a heat producing resistor to lower the voltage on the lamp.
Also, i can not use a dimmer on the primary side of the transformer.

what can be added on the secondary side of the trafo, possibly near the bulb, to have an alternative supply of reduced voltage available on a toggle switch, so that the lamp can be switched

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Hi hangwaiter,

Welcome to our forum.

Is this an assignment? 8)
Well, if you got DC from your “electronic transformer” you can use a PWM circuit to produce any light intensity between 0 an 100%. This can be a fixed pulse width selected by a switch, as you required. There is really not much choice here if you don’t want heat losses or are unable to regulate the primary of the transformer.

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