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UVB Meter

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I have the interest to build a UVB meter for measuring the ultraviolet radiation intensity in the wavelength range from 280 to 320 nanometer. It will be used in my reptile house. The reptiles need UVB light for making vitamin D for bone health, but over doze will hurt them.

UV meters are available as laboratory instruments and are quite expensive (hundreds of dollars).

I think I can meet my target with a simple circuit. What I need is a UVB detector diode plus a high gain current amplifier. May be a budget of $50 will suffice?

Any advice please, on the detector diodes and circuits?  :D

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Thanks OnOff.

6490 is probably OK for my application, except I am not sure how its unit :Index has been defined. I would prefer the unit uW/cm2.

Besides, being a module with the amplifier the price will probably be high. I would prefer having a sensor diode and build the circuit my self. It saves money and it is fun in building something to one's own desire.

Any one with other recommendations please ?  :D

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At last I have been able to find locally a supply of UV sensor diodes OS100 from Orion Semiconductor:  http://www.orion-semi.com/orionsemi.html

I have tried it out, giving a few mV output when shined with a small UV lamp used for checking bank notes.

Will look for suitable circuits to make a handy UVB Meter.

Again any advice please with regard to the circuits, the curent amplifiers....and how to calibrate it evetually .......  ?????

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