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4 Cellphone chargers into 1?

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good nyjumpee,

it calls for 2.6 amps if all the items are to be charged same time

you will perhaps have problem once the sigle proposed charges goes faulty--- redundancy would be better
you may try to develop a psu with 5.0 output and a current capacity of atleast 3 amps -- may be LM317 with a  pass transistor for current boost. Set it for 5V and locally rig up a multiway usb sockets and wire them with only +5 and return wirs at the appropriate pins-- logically it should work-- how ever i agian suggest , think interms of redundancy


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Li-ion chargers might not like parallel power, them dent to "sniff" input voltage to vary PWM cycles for proper regulation. And when theres a few PWM regulators, it may cause too much noise that will mixup error amplifiers of such chargers to undetermined state. ie. charger doesn't work like it should be.

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