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Input Jack disables internal sound

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I just bought a radio that has and aux/line in input. As expected, when i connect a jack to it (even if the other side of the jack isn't connected to any source of sound), the internal sound is disabled.

I need to overcome this, because I need to have the aux input always connected to a audio source (TV in this case) and to have a switch to choose beetween internal/aux input sound.

I tought that if putting a switch to open the line beetween the out source (tv) and the input jack would solve the problem, but as I said, when I put an open circuit in the input jack, it disables the internal sound...

Can you help me? If I understand how the "auto-disable" works, it will help me to solve the problem.

Many thanks

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Welcome to the fourm 

As you rightly described, the aux input jack cuts the Radio detected Audio and extends the audio amp input to the externally connected cable. It is a mechnical disconnection as you plug the external input.

why not you try to indicated thr model and brand name  and if possible the IC used for the radio abd audio if seperate. this wold help in proper improvization--


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