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problems in multi part ebooks


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I have downloaded many of the ebooks from this forum, all the single part ones work ok.
but the ebooks with two or more parts are giving problems, i am using winace to decompress them, and in almost all the multipart files, i am not able to decompress it, winace says "found bad block". i download all the parts in a single folder and tried to extract the first part.

is there a menas to despan the files if they were spanned over many parts to keep the file size managable. I mean combine to get a single file. I have more than 250MB of downloaded files lying useless with me.

please help

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Hi vinodkp,

Welcome to our forum.

I am sorry to hear about these problems, the first thing that comes into my mind is your software. Since you are using winace and I have no experience with this software I would recommend trying your files with WinRar which is the software used to compress these files. When using WinRar, remember that all the parts must be in the same folder when unpacking.

Good luck and please let us know how it develops!

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Hi Vinod,

You must download all the ebook.rar in same folder,then extract the rar files ,it will work,be sure you download all the part files. For example ante1.rar,ante2.rar,ante3.rar,ante4.rar are splited into 4 parts, you  have to down load all the files in the same folder( that is most important) if u omit any one of the files it will not work.

Best Regards for Proper downloading,

E-worm 8)

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To Vinodkp, I do not have got any trouble with the multipart e-books here, so same with E-worm, I guess you do not have the suitable software to unrar and connect them all.
Most of the multipart e-books here are compressed and splitted with .rar format, just download all parts into the same folder, and then you just need to unrar only the part 1, all parts will be automatically joined together. One more thing, all .rar files here come with no password.
The software I use is 7-zip, this is a excellent freeware, you can get it by "googling" by the "7-zip" keyword.
Goodluck to you.

To Ante, thank you very much for your e-books shared here, most of them are really valuable to me, every good wish to you.


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