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grounding problem on sensor circuit

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Hi I am building a circuit that is the same as this on the link


I am using a different microchip, the ATmega88. I am supposed to transmit the data through a wireless method but for testing purposes I just connected the pin3 of the microchip to pin 11 of the max232. The max232 section I powered using USB and send the data through serial like in the page. The chip + sensor section, I power it using a power supply at 5V currently. I am not getting the data I want through Hyperterminal on the PC. If I use the same ground and voltage source for both sections, the data is transmitted properly and Hyperterminal reads the data. Is there any way to solve it? I think it is a grounding problem

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You need the same ground or you will have different voltage potentials for the two sections of the circuit. Check the voltage difference between the commons. There should be no voltage difference. It should be "Common" to both parts of your circuit.


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