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Frequency Division

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How can i reduce a 4mhz frequency to a 10hz freq?

In the power field we use a drive circuit. This means we rectify the signal, then using an inverter reconstruct the wave at the frequency that is desired.

In a low power application I am not sure what the most efficient method would be.
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With a 5V supply, an ordinary Cmos counter is guaranteed to work with a clock frequency as high as only 1.5MHz. A 74HC counter works at much higher frequencies so use a 74HC90 to divide the 4MHz to 400kHz.
Feed the 400kHz to two CD4518 dual divide-by-10 counters in series for an output of 40Hz. Then use a CD4013 dual flip-flop for exactly 10Hz.
The total is 4 ICs.

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If you have some experience with microcontrollers, you can do this pretty easily. Count the pulses coming in and send a pulse out another pin after every so many counts. As long as you use a micro with a faster clock than 4 Mhz, it will work fine. This is on the same lines as what hotwaterwizard, ughadoo and audioguru suggested but with less parts count.


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