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Convert 6VAC to 12VDC ?


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I am looking for information or a schematic/circuit to convert 6VAC from my bicycle generator to 12VDC? Is this possible? I can read schematics and build electronics with no problem I just can't get my head around this one. Could someone please help me with this....

If someone helps me with this and I am able to provide some type of service for them I will be happy to, PCB Fabrication, PCB Layout design ect.


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sarma is right.
The generic way is convert 6VAC to 12VAC by an transformer and then rectify it. But the problem here is it is hard for you to know the frequency of the bike generator while this frequency varies when riding, then hard to design the transformer, plus it is big and heavy.

The best way here I think the same with sarma, first rectifying the 6VAC into DC and then use the universal switching regulator MC34063 to convert the voltage to 12VDC. MC34063 datasheet, circuit example and design you can find from onsemi.com website. This circuit is very easy to build.

I do not think the harmonics make problem on your bike.

Good luck

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Since you have AC voltage, why not use capacitors and diodes to make a voltage double. Then you can rectify and regulate the voltage from there.
The drawback, of course, is that you lose current with a voltage doubler. However, this might not be a problem since the voltage is coming from a generator.


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