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Inputting a signal to a Two Way Radio

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HI guys!

well! im trying to start a project. IN which i have to generate an audio frequency through 555 timer and this audio frequency is then to be supplied as an input to the electret microphone of a simple TWO WAY RADIO, so that it can be transmitted at certain frequency.

On the recieving side, i want the signals coming out of the speaker of the TWO way radio, to be given to an IC. Now i have two questions:

How to make this happened electrically

i mean

I want to input an audio frequency to the electret mic of a TWo Way Radio. How can i do this??

I want to take the output from the signals coming at Speaker, and to use these signals further in my circuit, how to do that.

Remember that no voice operation is there. Since a Two Way radio is designed for sending and reciveing voices. I just want to use the electrical signals in the way i have described. So how to do that.

I would be looking forward to ur precious replies.

take carez!

Good Bye!


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Hi Shaiq,
Just attenuate the output of the 555 with two resistors in a voltage divider to about 10mV and capacitor-couple the reduced signal to the electret mic. Remove the electret mic and the resistor that powers it if you want.
Connect two wires to the speaker and feed the signal to your circuit. Remove the speaker if you want.

In many countries it is illegal to send tones over radio channels reserved for voice communications. They have other radio channels reserved for remote control.

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