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ATTENTION: Illegal content (ebook/magazines/software) will be deleted


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I am very sad too  :-[
[move] :'( :-[ :-\ :'( :-[[/move]

No doubt, ER has been the one of most attractive features of the site. All the thanks and respect goes to Mr. Ante for such a good contribution to this part of site. I now request MIXOS to leave the contents as it is not reasonable to throw away ones friends(books).

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Illegal content (ebook/magazines) will be deleted without any notice.


What about links to "illegal contents" like, Can we use rapidshare or other sites to upload such illegal contents and then provide links through e-lab?? (As Elektor magazines thread hasn't been deleted)......

Books posted by Ante were really beneficial and one of the best features of e-lab.....Anyway, legal problems can't be ignored.......
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You are breaking the hearts of all the hobbysts who can not afford the cost of buying the books from amazon. most of us are ametures using the books for refrences or some other information. i dont think someone is making millions using these ebooks.

I don't think like that.....As it is against rules and laws.....He might be facing legality problems......Judge by keeping yrself on his side......we all are unhappy but that's only what we can do  :'(
The only problem which arises here is that ARE WE ALLOWED TO SHARE LINKS TO SUCH BOOKS AND MAGAZINES THROUGH ELECTRONICS-LAB OR NOT  ??? .........If yes then the books and magazines which were used to be uploaded at e-lab can be directed to rs or non-rs sites......and in this way we will still be able to share these books.........
About the previous books which have been uploaded to e-lab,I don't think Ante will be happy to upload them again on other sites........
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Hey guys,
This site is liable for copyright infringement. All those complaining are not the ones who will be in the worst of the legal trouble. Any one want to put together donations for a legal fund in case the site is sued? Yeah, I didn't think so!
I think all mixos is asking, is that you do not post these books and magazines to the site. Just post a link to the site they came from or put them on a virtual hard drive and post a link to it. It's a simple concept. I would also like to point out that all of you agreed to this when you signed up to be members of this site. Do you also know that if the site was sued for copyright infringement, the lawyers would have access to your IP addresses and email addresses? Why rock the boat?


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I see no fault in sharing.

Example: Suppose i purchase a wood design used for a corner arch, i take the arch and lay it onto another piece of common wood and draw around the purchased arch.
After the above is performed i make 10 more to complete my project.

When completed with the original arch i give it to a friend; FREE!

Remember, copyright material cases must follow a very fine line to be illegal.

Similar to software:

I spend $150.00 for a program (it is now my program), i copy the program which is the original store purchased item and provide a copy to a good friend (sharing).

I believe the main problem is when a person copies (material) and then tries to sell the copy; the latter is illegal.
I do not see anything wrong in sharing with friends.

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The problem is we don't actualy purchase the program only the license to use it

The above is noted on the documentation provied with the item but i have yet to see it hold-up in court.
Every case i viewed where an individual purchased an item and shared it with a friend was never judged illegal.
Remember, the above is where the "gray area" appears, the battle is decided in a court of law and the expense can be overwhelming.

Common sense is the key factor, selling a copy is completely illegal!
Downloading a copy is probably also illegal since you do not know where the original came from; very subjective!
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Guest Digonto

If I Post a Full version Link of Abacom sPlan 7.0 . Then will it be illegal or will it be deleted ??  ???  :-\ ??? :-\  Please reply ....... and How can I upload my Avatar image ???

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Read the license agreement to find out whether it's legal to redistribute it or not. If it doesn't have a license agreement assume you can't post it here unless you've sought permission from the copyright holder.

You can upload your own avatar be clicking on the profile information section in the profile settings.

Here's a link which should take you there http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum/index.php?action=profile;u=62678;sa=forumProfile This link will only work for you when you're logged in to the account you used to make your previous post.

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Guest samkriston

I am so sad  :'( :'(. but this is good electronics forum to share my doubts and thoughts with exerts. I am new to this forum.

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