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Hi Kachew,
    I think it is very helpful to learn eagle or any software to practice & explore the software rather than using manual.When u learn something from manual and don't practice then u will not be able to memorize them in the future.On the other hand in the first method u might do that.So it will be better if u try first exploring & see the manual unly when some topic is not  understandable.It is only my personal thought and dicision is uors.....Good Luck............

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Good find! The older versions did not have a manual.
For those browsing the Eaglesoft website, it is on the page with the program downloads. You have to keep scrolling down to find it.
Here it is. I noticed there is now a tutorial on the same page.

Note: I have also moved this topic from Projects Q/A to this forum since it is about CAD.



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