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Hello...!! I am new..!!


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Ciao e contrassegno benvenuto!

Hi Mark,

Almost on top of the screen you click on “messages” and you will find your PM options! (you have to be logged in to do this).
Or, you can click in another members post on the small green symbol just beneath the member’s avatar if you like to send a PM to this member.

I hope this was helpful!

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Sorry Ante to confuse u.......Actually my grammar is worst beyond doubt but from Mark's post i got the idea that he is not asking about how to post a private message but how to post to PM ....PM stands for many words and I wanted to raise the point that maybe has misunderstood "PM" used in any of the posts here at this forum........

I m again saying I don't want to point mistakes in the language so don't think i m laughing at anyone......(And i m really disappointed that u took my post in that way  :'( )...posted only for

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