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what should i do about computer rf emissions?


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sometimes i like to listen to am radio and i have a computer that has to be next to the radio, the problem is that when both are on the computer jams the radio. i also seem to have a problem with the power line acting as an antenna for both the radio and computer on top of that the power wiring for the house is all wrong but i don't own it so won't fix that. i put a scope on the line and watched some digital hash modulate every time the hard drive or cdrom started working, i put some snubbers on the computer power supply and bypass caps on the outputs and that help a little. then i tested my body to see what it was picking up, digital hash like crazy, same as what i can hear on the radio. so i used a function generator and a coil from a hard drive head to test if i could muzzle the rf, that worked ok, now i'd just like some ideas on how to stop it. btw, this has never happened before like this, some reason it's out of control  ???

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Hi Guys,

Remember that no matter how good the shielding is made in the cabinet and the monitor, it will have no effect unless both units are properly grounded through their mains connectors!
Also for your own protection against magnetic field radiation these cores must be grounded!

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